A caduceus is a staff or stick adorned with garlands, and in Roman mythology this rod was carried by messengers or heralds.

           Sometimes this rod comes with two coiled snakes, according to the myth with Mercury (god of commerce), which peacefully separated the two snakes in the middle row. These, ipso facto, stopped fighting, and separated.




          Do not confuse the Caduceus of Mercury, with the Rod of Asclepius (or Aesculapius), nor with the Rod of Hermes (in Spanish), nor with the Cup of Hygieia. The Caduceus image we've seen before. Following are the others I've mentioned:

Esclapius stick 1   Vara de Hermes    Copa de Higía

          Mention that the Rod of Asclepius usually denote the common symbology, anything related to the medical discipline, while Hygieia Cup designates pharmaceutical discipline.


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Published on  January 21st, 2013